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About Me and Maps GPS Info.com

As the Internet became established as a successful medium for information, communication, and commerce, I discovered the need for a web presence for information about maps and related topics. I have been a map collector and geography fan for over 30 years.

Maps-GPS-Info.com is a unit of Moonville Studios.® In 1996 Moonville Studios was formed as a publisher of posters and greeting cards. The Dayton, Ohio (USA)-based company uses unique black & white photographs to bring messages of hope, humor, and comfort.

My goal is to provide quality content for those seeking such knowledge, whether it be for research on a map or GPS-related project or for those wishing to make a well-informed purchase. I hope my objective product and service reviews lead you in the right direction.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, I encourage you to contact me.

Jay Snively
Jay Snively

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