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Antengo Review

Published: August 1, 2012

Antengo App
New Ad on Antengo

Antengo is an alternative that you can use in order to look for items or services that you want, to sell the stuff you don�t need anymore or to offer your own services. Forget about the old newspaper ads or flea markets. Now you can use Antengo to see where the item you want to buy is located along with photos and a small description (limited to 140 characters). Moreover, you can contact the seller of an item using Antengo�s own messaging system, SMS, call, email or you can use a social network like Twitter or Facebook.


After you have installed the application, you need to create an Antengo account in order to use it. The account can be made using either Facebook or Twitter, depending on your preference. After you�ve signed up for an account, you can choose for posting your ad on the �For Sale & Offered� section or on the �Wanted� section.

Search Filters on Antengo Ad Description on Antengo

Searching the ads you are interested in gets easier due to the fact that you can apply different filters to your search in order for the app to show you only the things you are interesed in. There are 7 categories in which you can post or search ads and you can choose the location where you would like to search (the app can also use the integrated GPS in your iPhone in order to track down ads closest to you). You can select to see only ads that have photos attached, and you also have a filter for the maximum distance you would be willing to search for ads. Also, when browsing through the different ads posted, you can view them in three different modes:

  • List view - the app shows you a list with all the ads that fulfill your requirements ;
  • Map view - the app shows you a map with your location and the classifieds closest to you ;
  • Photo view - you can flip through different photos of the present ads in order to choose what you want ;
List Ads on Antengo Photo Ads on Antengo Map Ads on Antengo

Antengo app is a very fun and easy to use application, but one of the major drawbacks is the fact that few people are willing to use this service rather than more traditional services like eBay, craigslist, etc.


Product name and version Antengo 2.1.2
Price Free
Company Barefoot Solutions, LLC
Maps-GPS-Info.com Link http://www.maps-gps-info.com/fgpfwmobile.html#Antengo
Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
PROS Easy to both search and post ads; Great looking interface; Free;
CONS Not many users means not many ads; Requires an account;
Maps-GPS-Info.com Rating 4 Star Rating

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