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Ronald Reagan gave one to Mikail Gorbachev. Former U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali was given one from the indigenous people of the world. The Geochron has even appeared in popular movies such as Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger. NASA still uses several to track night and day during orbital space flights.

geochron You've probably seen them. They are flat, lighted wall maps which constantly display the time of day everywhere on earth. Although the Geochron is stone age in design compared with today's high tech clocks, it still ranks among the world's most exclusive time-pieces. They also show where the sun's shining and where it's dark, adjusting automatically for the planet's rotation and passing of the seasons.

The first Geochron was invented almost 40 years ago by James Kilberg, an engineer who also held patents for a device to remove the pits from maraschino cherries as well as a cigarette lighter in cars.

They are not produced on an assembly line - each unit is made individually and are available in four models. Each model can be customized or upgraded to your pecifications. The Standard model is the entry level unit and has a suggested retail price of US$1595.00. It is available in a choice of nine laminate finishes and three trim colors.

What it Shows You
  • Legal zone time
  • Greenwich Mean Time
  • Greenwich Apparent Time
  • Local Apparent Time
  • Moment of sunrise
  • Moment of sunset
  • Duration of daylight
  • Sun's meridian passage
  • Sun's equation of time
  • Degrees latitude
  • Degrees longitude
  • The geographic extent of the prevailing day and date
A Brief Introduction to Solar Time

The basis of daily time measurement is the relationship of the earth’s surface to the sun. Thus, when the earth makes one revolution about its axis relative to the sun, it is said to be one day. However, the axis of the earth is tilted relative to the sun. Because of this tilt, some days are shorter and others longer as the earth makes its annual orbit. Consequently, this causes the relative zenith, or noon position of the sun to vary accordingly. This is what is measured by a sun dial – "apparent solar time."

For time measurement purposes, man has taken the "mean" between the longest and the shortest apparent solar days, divided it into 24 equal hours, and thus had "mean solar time." When our clocks say 12 o’clock "mean time", it does not necessarily indicate that the sun is at its zenith. For the largest part of the year, there is a difference between "mean noon" and "apparent noon", and this difference is called the "equation of time."

A Geochron for Your Computer

Geochron World Watch Also available is Geochron World Watch Time Piece for Windows. It displays the current time for any city in the world in a graphical display, and you can even set it up as a screen saver. You can customize the display using various maps, user-defined cities, and map settings. The graphic tells you instantly which parts of the world are in sunlight and which are in the dark.

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