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GPS Palm - Using your Palm PDA as a GPS receiver.

If you're searching for GPS Palm, your choices aren't quite a broad as if you wanted GPS for your Pocket PC. However, there are advantages of a Palm over a Pocket PC. Most Palms are smaller and some are less expensive. They also are quick and simple to use. With Palms, there is a large choice of software programs and a wide range of accessories.

For information on Pocket PC GPS, click here. For information on GPS iPAQ, GPS iPAQ, click here.

All Palms have a calendar, mail and contacts programs, notepad, and calculator. They can wake themselves up and notify you of upcoming appointments. Most models include software to work with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.

Here are the current choices For GPS Palm:

  • Garmin iQue 3600
  • Holux GM-251+
  • Nexian HandyGPS
  • Navman GPS for Palm
  • PalmOne GPS Navigator

Garmin's iQue 3600 is an all-in-one Palm and GPS combination. Suggested retail price is $589.27 USD and are sold online from $415 to $550 USD. This price range is quite close to what an equivalent Palm plus additional GPS receiver accessory would be. Click here for an in-depth review on the iQue 3600.

The Holux GM-251+ will give you a GPS Palm via a sleeve that your Palm PDA slips into. It will fit Palm V, Vx, M500, M505, and the IBM Workpad C3, C500, C505. The GM-251+ sells for about $280 USD. To read the review, go to Pocket GPS World.

The Nexian HandyGPS is an attachment made for the Handspring Visor. It sells for around $200 USD. Read the review here: MobileTechReview

Navman GPS for Palm is similar to a sleeve, but it's more of plate that attaches to the back of the PDA, and has a short, stubby antenna. It is for m series PDAs (m125/m130/m500/m505/m515, not m100) and there is also available the p Series for Palm III, V and VII series.

The PalmOne GPS Navigator includes a PalmOne Bluetooth GPS receiver, uses TomTom navigation software, and the maps and POI (point of interest) data are by TeleAtlas.

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