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Useful GPS Information

Garmin GPS MAP 60 c

Below is the navigation to all the GPS-related pages. On the left is the alphabetical listing and on the right is listing by topic group. Check back often as I am adding GPS articles and features regularly.

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GPS Reviews

If you're considering a purchase, let my GPS reviews point you in the right direction. I have information on GPS receivers and GPS software.

How to Choose a GPS

For a thorough yet concise guide click on how to choose a GPS.

A Brief History of GPS

In the 1970s the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) conceived the idea of GPS out of a need to accurately determine the position of ballistic missile submarines prior to launching missiles. All the old methods of determining position had their flaws. Those methods were affected by atmospheric conditions, limited in range, subject to enemy jamming, or degraded by interference. See more on how GPS works.

GPS became common for commercial use in the mid 1980s for the surveying industry. For an in-depth history of GPS, click here.

Uses of GPS

There are many uses for GPS. In addition to military and surveying use, it is used for air, land and sea navigation.

Vehicle tracking for commercial and personal vehicles and law enforcement purposes is another use.

GPS for All Occasions

For the many different ways and situations in which GPS is used, GPS receivers take on many forms. For your wrist, there's the GPS watch. How about a GPS cell phone? Could you use a laptop GPS or a GPS PDA? Also available are wireless GPS receivers and units made just for automobile use.

The advent of the GPS receiver has given rise to the popular new sport, geocaching.

For even more GPS information, go to GPS-Practice-and-Fun.

Everything GPS - Offers resources to GPS handheld reviews, vehicle locators, and GPS navigation tips.

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