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Map of Europe: A Source for All Kinds
of Maps of Europe

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Europe Of Interest

Europe is the world's sixth largest continent and includes 46 countries plus a few regions, dependencies, and territories. According to explicit geographic definitions, Europe is really not a continent. It is a part of Euroasia, which includes all of Europe and Asia. However, it is generally referred to as an individual continent. Turkey and the Russian Federation are considered a part of both Asia and Europe. Russia's Ural Mountains in the east and the Caspian and Black Seas in the southeast separate Europe from Asia.

Europe's highest point is Mt. Elbrus in European Russia at 18,481 feet and the lowest point is the Caspian Sea, at 92 feet below sea level. Between the mountainous Scandinavian peninsula in the north and the Alpine chain in the south lie the Central European Uplands surrounded by the great European plain, stretching from the Atlantic coast of France to the Urals. The Volga, in western Russia, is the longest river in Europe. At 2193 miles, it is the ninth longest river in the world.

Total population in Europe is over 520,000,000. Germany has the continent's highest population at 82,398,326. The least populated country is Luxembourg with 439,764 people. Over 47 languages and principal dialects are spoken in Europe. Roman Catholicism is the chief religion in southern and western Europe and the southern part of central Europe. Protestantism is dominant in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and the northern part of Europe. The Orthodox Eastern Church predominates in eastern and southeastern Europe

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