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Map of Missouri: A Source for All Kinds
of Maps of Missouri

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Missouri Of Interest

Missouri flagIn the second half of the 17th century French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet and later Robert Cavelier and sieur de La Salle claimed the whole area for France. In 1762, France ceded the territory west of the Mississippi to Spain and in 1800 the Louisiana Territory (including the Missouri area) was given back to France, then in 1803 it passed to the United States. The area was formed as a territory in 1812 and became a state in 1821.

Missouri landscape Food processing is the state's fastest-growing industry. Missouri is also a major producer of automobiles and auto parts, defense and aerospace technology, beer and beverages, and is the world's largest shoe-manufacturing center. The state's mines produce iron ore, zinc, barite, and limestone. It also supplies 90% of the nation's lead. Missouri places high among the states in hogs, cattle, turkeys and broilers. The state's chief agricultural products are corn, soybeans, sorghum, hay, and rice.

Missouri is home to the first Pony Express run and the world's first all-steel railroad bridge. Found here also is the tallest monument in the U. S., the Gateway Arch. The Ozark Mountains and the country music shows of Branson both draw a great deal of visitors.

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