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Map of Canada: A Source for All Kinds
of Maps of Canada

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Fly From Canada - Discover Canada and the world. Resource guide for the Canadian traveller and visitor to Canada. Find airlines, airports, travel agents, tour operators and tons more travelling essentials.

Canada Of Interest

Canada is a federation of 10 provinces and three territories. The country covers 6,200,480 square miles and is the second-largest in the world (Russia is the largest). Mount Logan at 19,850 feet is the highest point. Aside from the Great Lakes, North America's three largest lakes are in Canada. The terrain is mostly plains with mountains in west and lowlands in southeast. The climate varies from temperate in the south to arctic in the north.

The area's first inhabitants were various peoples who came from Asia over the land bridge between Russian and Alaska more than 10,000 years ago. The Vikings arrived in Canada about 1000 A.D. John Cabot, representing England, landed on the east coast in 1497. The French came soon after. These and many other expeditions to Canada were in search of a northwest passage to Asia. The French-English rivalry remained prevalent in Canadian history until 1763. Canada gained independence on July 1, 1867.

The country's population is 32,507,874 (2004 estimate). Approximately 90% of the population is located within 200 miles of the US border. About 40% of the Canadian population are of British background, while 29% are of French descent. Another 20% are of other European origins. French and English are both the official languages. Approximately 46% of the people are Roman Catholics, and aboot 36% are Protestant. The largest Protestant groups are the Presbyterians, the United Church of Canada, and Anglicans.

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