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Colorado Of Interest

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Spanish explorers visited the Colorado region in the 16th century. Spain took ownership of the territory in 1763. In 1800 France acquired eastern Colorado and three years later the United States obtained it as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Western Colorado became U. S. territory in 1848 as a result of the Mexican War. It was made a state in 1876.

Colorado landscape

Colorado has more mountains of an altitude of 14,000 feet or more than any other state and has the highest mean altitude of the states. Included here is the world’s largest flat-topped mountain, Grand Mesa. Three of nation’s largest river systems originate in Colorado. At 1,053 feet over the Arkansas River, the highest suspension bridge in the world was built in 1929.

Important to the state’s economy is agriculture, especially the raising of cattle and sheep and production of dairy goods. The main farm crops are corn, wheat, hay, and sugar beets. Manufacturing has been the major source of income in the state since the 1950s. Others major industries include lumber, chemicals, the manufacture of electrical equipment, computer equipment, transportation equipment, and aerospace products. Also contributing to the economy are federal facilities such as army and air force bases, prisons, and the Denver Mint.

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