Different Products or Services that are known as Digital Maps

Let us help you find the type of digital maps you’re looking for.

The term “digital maps” is rather broad. Any map (and there are, of course, many different kinds of maps) that is in digital form fits the description. These can be maps on CDs or maps downloadable from the Internet. Some downloadable maps are free and some require a purchase or subscription. Because the scope of digital maps is so wide, we will give a few of the more popular examples then offer some tips to search for what you want.

If you want topo maps on CD, read our reviews and recommendations. Okay, so what are raster and vector digital maps? Click on vector digital maps to open the glossary window. Do the same for an explanation of raster digital maps. Go here for information on GPS digital maps.

Some More Examples of Digital Maps

Some of the following listings are free and some are not. We have not separated them into groups of “free” and “paid” because some services allow you to download free maps but charge for “premium” services and therefore would be difficult to categorize. Using a search engine with the term “digital maps” will return some results that are university library collections that require you be a cardholder of that library.

(The following links will open a new window-when you are through at that particular site, you can close the window and return here.)

Maps of the World (free and paid)

Maps of countries of the world (printer-friendly black & white maps) (free)

Maps of countries of the world (free)

State maps (state maps with counties outlined and labeled) (free)

State maps (for state maps of various types) (free)

Maps of the World (free and paid)

Printable Topo Maps (free and paid)

County maps: Good luck! Seriously, these digital maps are hard to find online. Some individual states have maps of their counties. And you may try searching for a specific county. Search Google and enter the county and state names and, of course, the word “map”.

U.S. Census Bureau maps (free)

U.S. National Parks maps (free)

Digital World Tectonic Activity Map (free)

Antique Maps of the World (paid)

Earthquake maps (free)

Sanborn Fire Insurance maps – These maps are subscription-based, but your local or state library may subscribe. If you are a library cardholder in one of these areas, you can access the maps for free. The Sanborn Fire Insurance digital maps are good for locating streets that no longer exist.

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U.S. Census Bureau maps
U.S. Census Bureau maps

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