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In addition to the free GPS software list, I’ve added this list of free online GPS tools. If you know of any additions or corrections to be made, please let me know. This list is current as of October 23, 2012.

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April 25 – Track Analyser

January 23 – GPS-Tracks

January 23 – Gmap-Pedometer

January 23 – ACME Mapper

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Free Online GPS Tools

ACME Mapper is a high-precision general purpose mapping application, based on Google Maps with a bunch of things added on.

Geocache Rating System figures out terrain and difficulty for your geocache listing.

Geocaching Quick Search – Search for caches by many different criteria.

Geoplaner combines services like coordinate finder, geocoding, reverse geocoding, latitude and langitude converter and many more in a single web-based application.

GEOsnapper geo-tags your photos to make them searchable by location.

GeoTours creates GPS tours that can contain images, audio, and text associated with geographic locations.

GMapToGPX converts Google Maps data to GPX.

Gmap-Pedometer is a Web app designed to let you track the precise distance of your workouts, and track and log your activity.

GPS Coordinate Converter – online tool

GPS Coordinate Grabber allows you to grab (or “scrape”) GPS Coordinates from any web page, then download them as a LOC file into your mapping software and your GPS receiver.

GPS Planner generates GPX data from Google Maps.

GPSRACE.CH – upload your GPS data and you can define race routes, then you can compete against others on that virtual race.

GPS-Tracks is the largest free GPS tour guide worldwide with over 5000 tracks and areas.

GPS Tracks and Maps allows you to upload GPS tracks, routes, and waypoints and overlay that data onto aerial, street, and topographic maps.

GPS Track Viewer – view your tracks on Google Maps.

GPS Visualizer is a free on-line utility that creates SVG & JPEG maps and profiles from GPS data, street addresses, or simple coordinates.

GPX2epa – Epanet projects from a GPS.

GPX Loader is a web page template that can be used to display GPS data inside a clickable and scrollable Google Map.

Hillmap seeks to combine as much map data as possible in one place and to provide tools of intest to skiers and other backcountry travelers such as slope estimation and off trail distance calculation.

iTag allows users to locate their lost or stolen wireless gps cell phone from a secure website.

iMesto is an online GPS converter/visualizer which supports many formats and allows you to store your converted data and access it using short URL.

KML Polygon Creator is a basic digitizer with a Google Maps interface for creating KML polyline and polygon files.

LocEight allows users to upload their GPS data, add photos, tracks and POIs, and publish it all on Google Maps or output it in GPX or KML.

MapItPronto – You can use this tool to Upload/View GPS Routes and plot as well as planning a future route.

Marengo GPS Route Planner is based on Google maps and is designed specifically to allow users to crate GPX route files for upload to a GPS unit.

MTBGuru can upload and share your GPS data and photos taken during your outdoor adventures to the site.

Online Track and Waypoints Visualization visualizes over a map tracks and waypoints saved within a specific user file.

Online GPX Viewer is (get ready for this!) an online GPX viewer.

Ride with GPS is an online route mapping tool for cyclists and motorcyclists.

TakItWithMe – Google Earth KML Converter uploads Google Earth KML directly to your Garmin GPS or converts them to GPX format.

TakItWithMe – Google My Maps Converter uploads Google My Maps directly to your Garmin GPS or converts them to GPX format.

TakItWithMe – GPX File Uploader upload GPX files from your local computer to your Garmin GPS.

TopOSM is an OpenStreetMap-based topographic map, similar in style to the USGS and National Geographic topographic maps and (to some degree) Google Maps in “Terrain” mode.

Track Analyser – This web-application is for analysing tracks. After uploading a GPX file you are presented a overview with information about time, distance, elevation, ascent & descent, speed etc.; an elevation graph, a speed graph, a map with the track and a table with data of all track points and the track segments in between.

TrackProfiler is the place to store, edit and share your GPS tracks online.

TrackRoad is a route optimizer.

Tracks4Bikers allows you to create and share GPS tracks and was primarily designed for bikers and outdoor activities.

USGS GNIS to GPX Converter will take USGS GNIS csv files from the GNIS database and convert them into usable GPX files.

WentHiking is a tool for recording your trips into the wilderness and discovering new ones. It also allows you to share route ideas via email.

Wikiloc helps you discover, post, and share GPS data on the web easily and quickly.

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