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Hawaii Of Interest

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The earliest known inhabitants of the islands migrated from the Marquises and Tahiti. Kamehameha I established himself as monarch over all the islands in the late 1700’s and ruled until his death in 1819.The Republic of Hawaii was established in 1894 and it became a U.S. territory in 1898. Statehood was granted in 1959.

Hawaii is the longest chain of islands in the world. It has the highest mountain (if measured from the ocean floor), the most endangered species, and is home to the wettest spot on earth. The largest number of “best-rated” beaches in the world are found here and Hawaii has the most isolated population group on earth.

Hawaii landscape

Hawaii’s leading source of income is tourism. Next in line are military bases, including Pearl Harbor. Sugarcane and pineapples, grown mainly on exspansive company-owned plantations, are the chief agricultural products. Greenhouse vegetables, coffee, macadamia nuts, and papayas are also significant. Commercial fishing, especially tuna, is also important. Other products include cattle and dairy products.

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